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Environmental Justice

Seahurst Park PlayCreation. Alongside the Puget Sound and views of the Olympic Mountains, Seahurst Park is rich with nature activities and beauty.

I am the descendent of a family raised by the fruit of the land and will never forget that I began as a farmworker. This is in my blood, even as I take on new titles:mayor, business owner, father. These roots are deep within me. Every day, I am reminded of having an innate appreciation since I was a child, for the opportunities and security this earth can provide. We must protect it. These opportunities and security however, are becoming increasingly limited due to industries that exploit our natural resources and a global culture that over-consumes.

It is my goal in working with you to lead our ccity on a better path, away from harmful practices and towards a better relationship with our land and environment; a return to the values of our roots. These roots are embodied in tangible ways by sustainable city-planning. I am proud to say these actions are already well under way.