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I still remember when my family first moved to Burien. It was not the city of over 50,000 residents it is today. Yet, the small town essence of Burien that welcomed us and kept us here ever since, has remained intact even with our community’s growth. It is that essence that I intend to foster alongside intentional city planning and development. Let’s keep the balance that invites as many people as possible to call Burien, not a temporary destination, but a permanent home.

This takes more than just fair and affordable housing opportunities. It also requires a multifaceted approach to family support. Luckily, Burien is already equipped with local daycare centers, various public parks, green spaces and your choice of grocery stores. Nevertheless, with any city, there is always room for improvement to make our city even better and more welcoming.

Several of those improvements I invite you to consider are:

  • Policy improvements that encourage more families to relocate here.
  • Welcome family orientation materials with FAQ content, plus
  • An active coordinated outreach by churches, civic groups and elected leaders.