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Human Rights

The Black Lives Matter March in Burien.

For us. By us. With us.

I stand for policy, leadership and action that reflects all voices, not just the loudest and most dominant ones at the table. Minoritized community members will not be minorities within this campaign. Instead, they will be front and center, so that Burien’s policy, leadership and action can be made with all human needs and experiences in mind.

Burien is a nuanced and dynamic city that is also deeply divided. I want to recognize these historic and cultural differences that make our city and community so unique without worsening this divide. This starts with acknowledging a responsibility to make Burien a place for those most marginalized by this divide.

In this campaign, Black lives, bodies, minds and wellness matter; Queer and Trans existence is valued, and racism is never tolerated. I will not negotiate human rights. I will fight for them.