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I, like this country, am who I am because of the movement of people and culture from one place to another. I am who I am because of immigration. This is why in my first term as mayor, I made sure that Burien remained a sanctuary city. Ours is a beacon of security for any person from our neighboring communities impacted by the cruelty and bureaucracy of U.S. immigration policy.

This status for Burien is one that I seek to preserve and protect as well as develop and grow into more than just a document, but a culture of acceptance for our immigrant community within Burien. Strength as a community happens when people work together. This is why our city can embrace a culture that provides multifaceted and mulingual support to individuals and families who are trying to establish more than a place, but a home for themselves and their families.

Here are some of the resources which are essential:

  • Job training and opportunities
  • Pro bono and accessible Legal Aid (Colectiva Legal and OneAmerica)
  • Multilingual Educators and Education (Support for ELL and Dual Language Immersion Schools)