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Building Burien Together

I am the proud founder and leader of Ahora Construction. We are a local minority-owned contracting firm in Burien, the city I call home. For me, the founding of Ahora was more than just a new business venture; it was the fulfillment of my dream. A dream that was made possible by the combination of labor experience, mentorship, and newfound confidence in my own leadership. There is a precise moment when dreams are realized. For me, it was seeing the need and opportunity to improve the quality of life in our own community that gave me the extra push towards fully realizing the potential of my dream.

I am a firm believer in homegrown business. When we know the people we serve, by face, name, and identity - we are better able to serve them in the ways that they need and deserve. This goes for any type of business. This is true whether your dream is to open up your own panaderia or to go into construction contracting like me, I will continue to advocate alongside local businesses and the workers that keep them afloat as mayor.

As important, developing locally and building together goes beyond maintaining a city culture that encourages small business growth. It includes continuous, flexible, and tangible support for those businesses and workers as they continue to emerge and expand. Also, I recognize as a labor leader, that businesses have an obligation to serve both customers and employees for the benefit of all. This principle has guided me throughout my life and career and it is the way I will lead when re-elected, with the support of the voters of Burien.

Resources for:

Small businesses in Burien

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COVID specific relief for existing or potential businesses/business owners

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