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I have come to realize firsthand that youth are more than ready to lead. I see and hear this just from conversations with my children over dinner to exchanges with local youth organizers. I promise them that during our campaign and once re-elected, there will always be a place at the table for young people to have a voice, share their vision and be part of the future of Burien.

I believe strongly the place to begin is with a good education and have seen through my own family , the impact this pandemic has had on learning. The drastic change from seeing friends at school every day to being alone all day at home has been difficult for students. Their normal school environment helps nurture social skills and freedom from worrying about problems at home. Now, they are online, isolated and surrounded by many other distractions about things they can’t control. Understandably, this has been challenging and damaging at an important time in their growth. I am concerned that the transition backmay be even harder socially and emotionally.

This calls for an intentional outreach and strengthening of our local mental health and social service resources for students at no cost to them. Learning should be uplifting and a positive experience especially during a person’s formative years. This is why I wholeheartedly support, along with many others, local efforts for systems such as these to help our young people.

Similarly, the students and alums of the Highline School District are calling attention to another important concern. They are speaking out about the need for our educational institutions to do more to address chronic inequities in access to quality learning. . I’m here to make sure we can work with those establishments and with this school district to meet those needs and anymore voiced by youth.

Our youth platform will continue to grow with the campaign. Count on it. We will continue to reach out and highlight more local campaigns and groups for young people.